Fitness at the Town Hall


Keep Fit Ode

"OH" how we love our keep fit class

We wriggle our hips and shake our ass

Elaine our teacher she knows what's what

she works us all till we're pleasantly hot


We point our toes and bend our knees

Hoping all our aches it will ease

All the ladies here are great

You could say we are all good mates

But we have to be serious while tai chi is being done


The benefit we get from this routine

Keeps your body and mind alert and keen

We all love the music of that I'm sure

Be it slow or fast you just want more


So praise to Elaine who gives us the best

She shows us the way and we do the rest

So I hope our class goes on and on

So keep dancing everyone and bring it on.

(Jean Coles)


News and Updates


Elaine Ball is a registered exercise professional, a tai chi instructor, dance professional and Extend teacher working in the Wyre Forest district. Her classes are very popular and designed to meet the needs of the over 50's with a wide range of music to set the feet tapping and the soul soaring! Seated exercise is incorporated in class followed by gentle but stimulating aerobic exercises that are dance based.

A much appreciated part of the class is the gentle Qigong tai chi session to help relax the bodyand mind. Class members have been applying what they have been taught and have achieved a new understanding of relaxation and have applied the techniques learnt when in stressful situations.

As evidence now suggests, those who exercise in their later years are better for it in mind, body and spirit. There is a strong social side to the class with friendships forged and troubles shared. Outings are arranged and there is also a not for profit film club when there is a raffle to raise funds for charity. Elaine organizes trips to the theatre and is currently hoping to develop a drama group and possibly a choir. There is no membership fee and classes are £3.00 each session.

If you are looking for a fitness class that offers fun, friendship and help keep a spring in your step, contact Elaine on 07515 015750 or email info@slservices.biz

Monday class - Kidderminster Town Hall, 10:30 to 11:30 - for low to mixed ability

Friday class - Kidderminster Town Hall, 10:30 to 11:30 - for the active over 50's, mid to good mobility.



You will always be guaranteed a warm welcome in class and I aim to deliver a professional session with the emphasis on fun!

During the group session, please join in and be aware that every participant should only work to a level that each is comfortable with. Although the exercises are gentle and there are many chair based exercises, you will be working your body. All members of the class are responsible for their own health and safety and as always you should consult your doctor before beginning and exercise, diet program or any class.

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